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The Effective Mobile Marketing Strategy

The mobile online business – it's already here.

Every business that wants to succeed online needs to have a viable mobile marketing strategy in place. Without one, there's no way to keep up. Here are the key elements that go into a mobile marketing strategy that works.

It's Vital to Know Your Market

As always, it's important to know your market. You need to know who they are, where they live, what they like, and so on. With mobile marketing, you also need to know how they use their mobile devices and for exactly what purpose. Your goal is to engage people using custom apps that help them to do whatever it is they want to do.

Choosing the Right Methods

Once you know your market, decide what mobile methods make the most sense. There are lots of different methods you can use, such as email marketing, mobile coupons, location-based strategies that use GPS, and many more. Choose methods that match the needs of your market at the time they are using their phones.

Mobilize Your Site

Build a mobile-friendly version of your site. It should be designed and optimized for search engines with mobile devices in mind. Set up your PC site so that if it's accessed by a mobile device, it will redirect to the mobile site. Your mobile site's design should be clean with less text and smaller pictures. It has to be viewed easily on a narrow screen without having to scroll or zoom.

Set Yourself Apart

Probably the most important element of any good mobile marketing campaign is its uniqueness. This is also the most difficult to implement because it requires creativity. To get ideas, look at the most popular and successful campaigns in your niche. Then, decide how you're going to set yours apart. Take your own unique angle on it.

Full Integration

In the world of mobile, people interact with brands using many different media. Combine all of your marketing efforts both online and off with your mobile marketing campaign. Offer coupons at your store that they can use on their mobiles or apps that help them shop at your store. Connect all of your social media sites to your mobile marketing content so that they can instantly share your information with others.

Make It Engaging

Mobile is all about two-way communication. It's not about you pushing information on prospects and customers. It’s about them seeking information from you. Your apps and all of your strategies should focus on getting people to interact. Don't just help them kill time with their smartphones. Instead, help them find what they're looking for when they're looking for it.

The exciting world of mobile offers all kinds of new technology for you to play with, but it's important to remember the basics of marketing as well. Don't get so caught up with the techie side that you forget these fundamentals. Create a valuable offer that your target market can use and then find the most effective ways to put it in front of them.